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A little bit of Bugs' magic...
(14 KB)

Morticia's got mail!
(49 KB)

Addams Family Values include passion, it seems.
(147 KB)

Wednesday Addams puts things in perspective.
(39 KB)

Frankenstein--Henry, that is--seems pleased.
(34 KB)

Young Frankenstein sounds happy too!
(84 KB)

Stranges goings on over at the Brewster residence...
...with a touch of Arsenic and Old Lace
(45 KB)

Rocky Horror keeping you in suspense?
(86 KB)

Buffy doesn't think the odds are so bad.
(155 KB)

And how does one put the arsenic in Arsenic and Old Lace?
(133 KB)

Mortimer Brewster doesn't approve.
(36 KB)

The Night of the Living Dead is just getting started...
(30 KB)

Caution! Falling House Zone!
(51 KB)

Jack? Or Candlejack? OOPS!
(26 KB)

She's scaring the horses again!
(72 KB)

Important advice for mad scientists (and others).
(40 KB)

Inga has left the building--but only momentarily.
(53 KB)

Buffy knows what's needed here.
(39 KB)

...but I still want a good cup of tea.
(40 KB)

Yeah, sometimes Prom Night is like that...
(36 KB)

Got corn?
(97 KB)

Hellraiser strikes again!
(22 KB)

Merlin knows what works...
(392 KB)

Ah, Children of the Night!
(297 KB)

No fair hiding--as if it helps!
(41 KB)

FRO-derick seems to be waxing enthusiastic, eh?
(85 KB)

...and I-gor is optimistic. (Bad move!)
(166 KB)

Criswell predicts. But what he predicts, who knows??
(160 KB)

It was just a thought...
(58 KB)

Poor Peter Lorre gets lost.
(80 KB)

Good advice in any spooky movie!
(33 KB)

Who says they don't have fun in Transylvania??
(189 KB)

One dramatic fanfare courtesy ofYoung Frankenstein.
(153 KB)

Whatever it was was disgusting!
(19 KB)

Dracula would certainly know!
(185 KB)

Do you talk to your plants? Do they talk to you??
(301 KB)

Henry Frankenstein issues a "mission statement".
(170 KB)

Frankenstein's Creature issues a rebuttal.
(34 KB)

Things not to do on the Forbidden Planet.
(31 KB)

Our hero Ash leaves his mark.
(39 KB)

A definite "gotcha"!
(57 KB)

Your Auntie M checks the mailbox.
(97 KB)

Jonathan Brewster gets down to business--nasty business.
(71 KB)

Does he look like he's joking? With that green hair...??
(14 KB)

Linus offers words to live by.
(139 KB)

Grave Robbers from Outer Space?? Whatever!
(101 KB)

Ash is a man of few words. This one's his favorite.
(14 KB)

Bugs is no scaredy-cat!
(9 KB)

Vincent Price has sent you an invitation...
(138 KB)

But Cary Grant has a different suggestion.
(49 KB)

Dracula welcomes you, Bela Lugosi style.
(105 KB)

Dracula welcomes you, a la Christopher Lee.
(24 KB)

Seems the Brewster family has this little problem...
(67 KB)

Jack Nicholson makes a Shining entrance!
(27 KB)

It's the recruiting sergeant from Hell!
(60 KB)

Rocky Horror wants to take you away from all this.
(92 KB)

Lucy could have warned him at least...
(103 KB)

Sometimes you get the spell right...
(53 KB)

...and--unfortunately!--sometimes you don't.
(110 KB)

We can all use a good laugh, now and then.
(Pity this isn't a good one...)
(206 KB)

Count Dracula has a very strict diet.
(63 KB)

Jamie Lee Curtis sends greetings--nervously.
(21 KB)

But which ones are the zombies, Barbara??
(68 KB)

Well, zombie-bashing is what you make of it.
(17 KB)

And what do you do with the leftovers?
(28 KB)

I have to agree with Peter Lorre. That wouldn't be my choice either.
(21 KB)

...and Mortimer Brewster doesn't like it either!
(16 KB)

You don't know where it has been!
(19 KB)

These days we call it "downsizing".
(18 KB)

Butter fingers!
(3 KB)

The Wicked Witch of the West warms up.
(36 KB)

Here's an update on the zombie situation...
(219 KB)

All is in readiness for your visit.
(135 KB)

Just remember where the secret passages are!
(75 KB)

A gal's gotta have STYLE!
(78 KB)

They keep going and going and going...
(137 KB)

Bela Lugosi intones a few verses from Poe's "The Raven".
(534 KB)

Bela seems to take his hobby seriously!
(436 KB)

What were we discussing, Dr. Fronkensteen?
(28 KB)

Ash and his girl break up.
(64 KB)

What was that number you wanted?
(45 KB)

Buffy asserts herself.
(153 KB)

Someone's on the phone. I think it's for you...
(63 KB)

We're going monster hunting!
(189 KB)

Dracula considers a web site.
(175 KB)

But what DID happen to Mr. Spinalzo??
(34 KB)

The trouble with superior alien intelligences is that attitude...
(56 KB)

But have you ever heard of a GOOD curse??
(63 KB)

You know, this could be a problem...
(105 KB)

Yes, definitely a problem!
(63 KB)

Pity the poor fly!
(98 KB)

We could all use some help.
(13 KB)

Who's that knocking at the door?
(34 KB)

Uh-oh, we've got company!
(89 KB)

Just what you need for a dark and stormy night: thunder!
(90 KB)

But they seem like such nice old ladies...
(28 KB)

Dracula reflects on how the other half doesn't live.
(137 KB)

Fritz really shouldn't tease The Monster...
(157 KB)

Well, Vincent is having a good time!
(116 KB)

Yeah, they'll probably be back any minute...
(43 KB)

Oh, you noticed that odd smell too?
(60 KB)

Dark and stormy nights can also use a bit of wind.
(87 KB)

This is the only warning you're going to get!
(54 KB)

Must be a full moon tonight...
(80 KB)

Traditional werewolf lore, SHE said.
(93 KB)

Traditional werewolf lore, HE said.
(86 KB)

Even a werewolf can find a bit of sympathy...
(285 KB)

...but finding rest, that's a bit harder!
(296 KB)

Lycanthropy is so darned persistent!
(77 KB)

Everyone in town knows about werewolves!
(198 KB)

Can't judge a book by its cover, can you?
(61 KB)

Well, at least the Werewolf of London appreciated the help!
(339 KB)

And speaking of help, Igor, could you...?
(243 KB)

Lurch is back on duty.
(25 KB)

But how could miss something like THAT??
(58 KB)

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