Children of the Night--do you need some music to make?
My fuzzy familiar will be your lynx--er, link.
Just pet the nice kitty--carefully!--to hear the music.
Then, right click to save the file of your choice.


A little bit of Army of Darkness
(480 KB)

A little bit more Army of Darkness music
(419 KB)

Dracula Theme
( 1931 version--which is "Swan Lake", Couch Pumpkins! )
(211 KB)

A sample of The Exorcist
(to loop and go loopy, brave hearts...)
(237 KB)

The 1931 Karloff...y'know, I used to drive one of those...
(247 KB)

That classic Hallowe'en riff
(493 KB)

The opening strains of The Mummy
(The Karloff version, that is...) (265 KB)

Those Psycho strings
(70 KB)

Just a sample of The Raven
(284 KB)

As sure as his name was Boris Karloff,
this is a Thriller!
(385 KB)

Just a bite of The Werewolf of London ...
(382 KB)

...with a White Zombie for a chaser!
(659 KB)



The Addams Family Theme

The Addams Family Waltz

Those Addams Family Values

Baba Yaga

Bad Moon Rising

Bat Out of Hell


Black Magic Woman

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Danse Macabre

Dark Angel

Dead Souls ( from The Crow )

Don't Fear the Reaper

Don't Pay the Ferryman

Dracula (in a different vein, brave heart...)

Dracula's Castle

Edward Scissorhands

Evil Ways

The Exorcist (those Tubular Bells...)

Edgar Winter's Frankenstein
(Now, that's what I call a "Monster of Rock", Couch Pumpkins!)

Fugue in A Minor

Funeral March of the Marionettes ( Alfred Hitchcock's theme )


Godzilla (more or less the way we remember...)

Go-go Godzilla!

Graceful Ghost Rag


The Hall of the Mountain King

Theme from Hallowe'en

Hallowe'en Waltz

The Haunted Mansion

Helter Skelter

Hotel California

It's A Sin

It's Hallowe'en

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

King Kong

The Matrix

Men In Black


The Monster Mash

Mr. Sandman ( from Hallowe'en )

The Munsters Theme

PBS' Mystery Theme

Theme for Needful Things ( it's Wagner, Couch Pumpkins...)

The Nightmare Before Christmas ( Main Theme )

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack's Lament

Nightmare Before Christmas: What's This??

Night on Bald Mountain


People Are Strange


The Phantom of the Opera

( and that's why they call it a "noisy ghost", m'dears... )


Riders on the Storm

Science Fiction Double Feature ( from Rocky Horror Picture Show )

Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

The Spooks Go In...


Tales from the Crypt

Michael Jackson's Thriller

The Timewarp ( from Rocky Horror )

Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor
( All you Phantoms, warm up your pipe-organs... )

The Twilight Zone Theme

Twin Peaks

Vampire Killers

The War of the Worlds ( Rick Wakeman's, not Orson's )

Werewolves of London

Witchy Woman

The X-Files

The X-Files ( Remix Version )

Catch the WAVs, you surfin' Pumpkins--OR to my homepage!

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