Margali w/Crystal Ball

    And now, brave hearts...

The Recipe

Eye of Newt and Wing of Bat,
Lizard's Tongue in Chicken Fat;
Monosodium Glutamate, Sodium Propianate
(--1/10 of 1% added as a Preservative);
Frog of Ancient Egypt's blight,
and a Tape of 'Three Dog Night'
(for taste!);
Oak and Rowan, Ash and Yew;
                 throw in one by Madonna too!
(Beauty's where you find it...)
Mistletoe and Elderberry,
    just a splash of Cooking Sherry;
Cup of Hemlock, Wormwood Brew
    (filter'd through a Tennis Shoe),
Mixed in with Black Widow parts--
    (don't try this at home, Brave Hearts!)--
Hair clipp'd from a Nightmare's Fetlock,
    Grease wrung from a Reggae Dredlock;
Pinch of Saffron, Leaf of Myrtle,
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle;
Asp and Adder, gut and gullet,
    Belladonna, fresh-caught Mullet;
Bitter Gall and Zombi's Molar,
    half a can of Diet Cola;
Mummy's Shroud and Harpie's Screech;
    Leg and Wing of Fly (one each);
Fungus grown in hidden crypts,
    Banshee's Tonsils, five Orange Pips;
Earth and Water, Air and Fire,
    Chewing Gum and Baling Wire;
Moss from Tombstone scraped by night,
    Raven's Feather, pluck'd in flight;
Heart of Darkness, Soul of Ice,
    eleven secret Herbs and Spice;
Wolfbane, Henbane, Tail of Rat,
    a cup of This, a dash of That;
One half-teaspoon Real Vanilla,
    Tokyo! (after Godzilla...)
Bullock's Horn and Down of Gryphon,
    fold in Egg-whites, beat to stiffen;
Vulture's Giblets, Scorpion's Sting--
    some Chocolate would be just the Thing!
Black Cat's Whisker, Egg of Guppy,
    thirtysomething bits of Yuppie;
Liver of blaspheming Toad,
    'Possum found out in the road;
Stir it with a Wand of Willow,
    then add one whole Armadillo;
Twist of Lemon (no Vermouth),
    sprig of Parsley and--Forsooth!--
Boil it to a thick'ning paste,
    then add Pepper, Salt to taste.

Bon appetit!


"Where the heck did that come from??"

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