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    The character of "Margali Morwentari" (aka Margali the Sorceress, The Morwentari, The White Queen, Mistress of the White Tower or Mistress of Wicceweald, blah-blah-blah, yackety-shmackety...) first appeared in the fantasy roleplaying adventure game Wizards' Realm™, published in 1981. As portrayed in that medieval fantasy, Margali was the archvillainess par excellence of the Middle Kingdoms, a practitioner of dark sorceries whose motives were as mysterious as her methods. Despite having her own domain, with her knights, servants and a seemingly endless supply of zombies, skeletons and other undead, her plots never involved "world conquest". Instead, she seemed to take more pleasure in the sheer intimidation her neighbors and any would-be heroes felt, contenting herself with more subtle, machiavellian manipulations behind the scenes--and luring adventurers into her labyrinthine White Tower to face the challenges therein. Indeed, the most frightening words many a hero of The Realm has heard are "We're going to play a little game, you and I..." One opponent summed it up best by describing the White Queen as "whimsical when bored". (And she always seemed to be feeling bored...)

Several trapped spirits and a few ghouls later, the originators of Wizards' Realm™ were appearing in costume as characters from the game at science-fiction conventions, when Margali made her first public appearance, in 1984, at CoastCon in Biloxi. And a curious transformation took place in The Realm's most notorious necromancer: At first a daunting and dramatic figure, the fans soon saw Margali as a wickedly witty witch who was not merely amusing herself. Soon she was raising spirits of a different sort, as Mistress of Ceremonies at CoastCon and elsewhere, providing commentary on the evening's proceedings and venturing into "stand-up horror". (Never one to do things "mundanely", her microphone check became her now-infamous "Recipe"!)

Margali's persona underwent further evolution with the invitation to host WDBD-TV's late-night movie in Jackson, Mississippi, starting in 1990. At first shot in front of dark draperies where Margali tended cauldron and dispensed sarcastic commentary on the evening's offering, the joys of "bluescreen" soon enabled viewers to see a portion of Her Ladyship's White Tower--and allowed Margali to wander somewhat farther afield for an evening's adventure. Along the way (to accommodate the studio's sound equipment), Margali lost her faintly British accent (Celtic heritage, perhaps?) and acquired a somewhat huskier tone (though, as she has pointed out, not as deep as Lauren Bacall)--and she acquired a regular announcer (who just happens to be a werewolf), a good right hand (literally), a pet spider, and a few additional quirks. But then, if humans fantasize about knights, elves and dragons, what's wrong with an elvish sorceress being a Trekkie?

So it is that Margali Morwentari has moved--lock, stock and castle--into yet another millennium, without leaving behind her roots. And, who knows? Given the nature of her mysterious castle, she just might have left a few routes open to those days of yore, too...

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