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"Heigh-ho, Couch Pumpkins...Margali here!"

   How good of you to drop into my whirled wide web!

    Now, brave hearts, let's be very clear about this:
       I am not some babe on a broomstick . . .
       I am NOT that other "Mistress of the Dark" . . . as if!
       My complexion's much better than the Crypt Keeper's . . .
       And I'm not Your Worst Nightmare--but I'll be more than happy to introduce you to It, brave heart . . .
(and a few other friends of mine . . . )

I'm Margali Morwentari, just your resident Sorceress-at-Large, Wicked Wit[ch] and erstwhile host of Thriller Theatre with Margali, an award-winning late-night program for dedicated couch-pumpkins.

It has been my great pleasure to be a familiar face to fantasy fans throughout the South, frequently acting as Mistress of Ceremonies at area science-fiction conventions. Thank you, couch pumpkins, for letting me come out to play!

As a longtime practitioner of magic--but let's not say just how long, shall we?--I've not completely given up the old ways or my personal style, but (what with the considerable overhead of maintaining a castle and miscellaneous minions) I just had to "branch out" into a second career. (Sorcery just doesn't pay like it used to, brave hearts, and besides, those old dungeons are murder in heels!) So what else would I pick? I've been in the "entertainment" business for years. (At least, I've been entertained by the goings-on in my dungeon...) And being a necromancer should probably qualify me as one of the first "environmentally conscious" entrepreneurs too, what with all that "recycling" going on! Guess I'm just ahead of my time, brave hearts--though still able to reach back into it!

And yet, for all my expertise in the arcane arts, all that spellcraft doesn't seem to help much when it comes to trying to keep control from getting out of hand of an evening... Or a certain Hans from getting out of control...


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Margali's Couch Pumpkin Central

Miscellaneous movies, pix and trivia du jour courtesy of your Auntie M.

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Margali's Midnight Matinee

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Couch Pumpkin Press

Vintage Spirits & Cold Biers Nightmares That Left A Film

LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT - Couch Pumpkin Edition THE UNDYING MONSTER - Couch Pumpkin Edition

Celluloid Spooks & Reel Monsters

When Graveyards Yawn Drop Dead Damsels

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And have I got a girl for YOU! Just wait and see . . .

Bride of Frankenstein

Your Auntie M's got a whole batch of other goodies for you as well, brave heart! Come see!

Margali's Couchpumpkinpalooza

Margali's Couch Pumpkin Emporium

Plus there's still MORE in the works, Couch Pumpkins!

Thriller Theatre Starring Margali     BOO! It's Margali!

It's Over Productions Homepage

And be sure to visit Our Favorite Producer's very own blog on all things entertaining:

It's Over TV - The Blog

Why "It's Over"? Because, m'dears, it isn't over 'til the fat lady sings, right?


We're always "under construction" here, m'dears, so do come and visit now and again.
This page last updated 7/10/14...as the hot Summer's night steams those wrinkles out of the spooks.
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[*Mississippi Association of Broadcasters "Excellence in Broadcasting" Silver Award: 1991, 1992, 1993;
New Orleans Worst Film Festival: Wayne Mack Memorial Award, 1994.]

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Meanwhile, relax by the moat, enjoy a drink (not from the moat, silly!) and enjoy the strains of Modeste Moussorgsky's "Night on Bald Mountain". Takes me back...

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