In June 2013, the Hub Network introduced the American viewing public to SHEZOW, a cartoon that had already enjoyed success with viewers in Australia, and that would prove another success for the Hub. Indeed, when the news and information website for kid-targeted TV Nick and More ran its annual poll for "Best New Show of 2013", SHEZOW was the ONLY Hub program to rate in the Top Ten, not only rating higher than Cartoon Network's "Teen Titans Go!" and "Uncle Grandpa" as well as Disney's Marvel-related programs, but leaving the Hub's only other 2013 entries, "Spooksville" (11 places down from SHEZOW) and "Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch" (22 places below SHEZOW) trailing far behind.

And yet, despite having withstood the manufactured outrage that preceded its debut just 7 months ago; despite good ratings and a still-growing fandom; and, as late as the end of the year, still expressing interest in a second season, Hub Network suddenly decided instead to drop its support for a second season.

Now it's up to we the fans to convince Hub Network to change their mind again and renew their support for a show that's clever, fun, funny, punny--yes, even silly!--and that deserves a second chance and a second season. It's time to Save Our SHEZOW!

Fan support has saved shows before, so let's rally ours. There are several ways to do it, True She-lievers:

There's an online petition to save SHEZOW already up and running. Please go sign it--and spread the word!

Twitter users:
Tweet @HubTVNetwork to show your support for renewal and a second season. Remember those hashtags #SheZow and #SaveOurShezow--and encourage your friends to tweet 'em as well.

Facebook users:
Visit Hub Network's Facebook page and post. The more fans do so, the harder we become to ignore, so WRITE and encourage your FB friends to do so too. Numbers count!

To contact Hub Network, their contact info directs you to Discovery Communications (Hub Network is part of their family of channels). Let 'em hear from you, too. (If you want to be heard, you have to speak up, right?) Here's that link.

And of course, there's the good old fashioned way is to write letters to the Hub Network. Tell 'em you want this program, show 'em you care. (And remember to keep your comments polite, please!)

Hub's address is:

Hub Television Networks, L.L.C.
Attention: Viewer Relations
2950 N. Hollywood Way, Suite 100
Burbank, CA 91505

Share this information with your fellow fans.
Let's make some sherious noise.
Let's win this one for Obie Scott Wade and all the talented folk who have done so much to entertain us!

Let's save SHEZOW!

Special thanks to Eliza Kuklinski for helping assemble contact information included here. She'd also appreciate your help with saving "Pound Puppies" and "Dan VS."

All characters, logos, tradenames and/or indicia displayed on this site are the trademark and copyright of their respective owners. No challenge to said trademark or copyright is expressed or implied. We particularly thank Obie Scott Wade, Shezow's creator, as well as all parties involved in bringing us so much entertainment:
Vision Animation
Film Victoria
SheZow Productions
Moody Street Kids
DHX Media
Cast, Crew and all involved with Production Network Ten
...and the Hub Network, who really shouldn't rain on our parade.